My Favorite Things

My Favorite thing during EPGY was when my robots finally worked and they would move around and do amazing things.

A void function returns nothing.

An Int function returns an integer.

The difference between a function and a datatype is a data type or simply type is a classification identifying one of various types of data, such as real-valued,integer or Boolean, that determines the possible values for that type; the operations that can be done on values of that type; the meaning of the data; and the way values of that type can be stored. A function  is a sequence of program instructions that perform a specific task, packaged as a unit.

The difference between a function and a class is that  a class is a construct that is used to define a distinct type.

Curly  braces contain groups of statements.

An and gate (&&) only gives outputs if both gates are on.

An or gate gives an output if either or both switches are on.

The favorite games I played at camp are Earn to die:

And This is the Only Level

My favorites types of games are MMORPG’s and RTS’



Computer History Museum

At the computer museum I saw many computer pioneers and video games. It was interesting to see how the computer evolved to the tiny tablets today. We saw a USB cable that was as thick as our arms. And that was only part of the cable. It was really inspirational and cool.usa_computer_history_museum

Project Proposal

My group members will be: Jordan, Brandon

We will be doing a: Processing: Art Project

We are going to make a paint circle. When you press down the mouse will draw circles that flash and light up.

It will be cool because each circle will be different colors and it will be artistic and cool.

The various circles will represent how volatile life can be because they are being pushed around in all directions.


Robot Arm

  • What was wrong with the Robot Arm? The robot arm didn’t have the cords in the right places. And the code was wrong.
  • What did you do to fix it? We fixed up the logic errors in the code and put the cords in the right places
  • What did the Robot Arm do? It could move up down left right, and close its claw to pick something up.
  • What is the difference between when Eclipse uses a yellow line versus using a red line? Which one is an error and which one is a warning? When Eclipse uses a yellow line error it mean that it can still run with the error. If the line is red then you must fix it before it will work.
  • What is the difference between a LOGIC error and a COMPILE error. Which type of errors did the Robot Arm have? The Robot arm had LOGIC errors. This means that the system wont pick it up. But you are using incorrect integers such as telling it to go Right for the left button.
  • Why do we use code libraries like the leJOS NXJ? To allow you to use different types of code without errors.
  • What is gamification? It is to use game thinking in non-game context.
  • How mad was Kevin, the mad scientist? Why was he mad? Kevin was the mad scientist because he built the Robot Arm and he tried to destroy the human race. His Robot arm was faulty though.

Building my Robot

  • my team is: Team 6
  • my team members are: Kai Jones
  • my robot is named: Speedy
  • my experience with building my robot was:
    • First we built the robot
    • Then we got the code from online
    • Then we created a new Java project called…
    • Then we added the Libraries
    • Then we converted the Project
    • Then we uploaded the code to the Robot
    • This is what the robot didIMG_4143