Game Review #1 – Press Space to Win

  • This game is about a knight or hero that makes his way around fighting various people and  monsters.
  • I think this game is fairly difficult to play because there are many different controls. Many controls make a game difficult to play.
  • My favorite game is League of Legends. League of legends is a MMORDF, and you select various champions and fight to defend your base.
  • I like that game because there are many differennd item builds.
  • The difference between these two games are that in Press Space to Win there is no choice whatsoever in what you need to do and all you are doing is pressing space. On the other hand LOL allows you some choice in the Characters you want to play and  the actions you want to perform.
  • Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my thoughts!00011584tumblr_static_22924_league_of_legends

2 comments on “Game Review #1 – Press Space to Win

  1. eshowers says:

    You mention enjoying the freedom to try different builds–do you think that player choice is more or less important than telling a compelling but linear story?

    • For me the freedom of player choice is more important because I believe that when playing games you should always have a choice. I obviously prefer a balance between story and player choice, although if I had to choose one I would choose character choice.

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