Programming Fundementals

The difference between an Arduino and  Raspberry Pi is that the Arduino is a Micro-controller, and the Raspberry Pi is a microprocessor. It is basically a mini computer. A function is anything that comes before brackets in a code such as “Size” in the following code: size(244, 144). And the parameters would be 244 and 144 in that code. Int stands for integer, floats makes things able to be decimals. Boolean is a weird and complicated way of saying yes and no. And char stands for character. = sign sets a value, and == compares two values. A variable is a symbolic name that is stored to help assign numbers to letters. Using loops in programming is a better way repeat objects a certain amount. Three more things that I have learned is why computers need to record speak in machine language, how high level language gets to machine language, and more about how to use high level languages.


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