Algorithms and Objects

  • What is the difference between float and int? Float makes it a decimal int makes it a number.
  • What are three sorting algorithms and how are they different? Bubble sorting goes through each pair that are next to each other and switches them depending on which number is bigger. Insertion is more like human sorting, you get a pile and as you go through the list you place the numbers in there spot in the list. Selection is a slow process where you go through the list and find the smallest one to put in the front of the list.
  • What is the difference between an operator and an operand? An operator is a sign that performs operation on data for the purpose of storing and calculation information that will  be used in programs. An operand is something that the operator works on.
  • What do I find in the console window in Eclipse? The output of your code
  • What is the difference between an IDE and a text editor? An IDE is an integrated development environment. It is a special place for typing code that tells you what you are doing wrong and doesn’t auto correct you.
  • What do I call a loop that never ends? Infinite loop
  • What is AI? Artificial intelligence.
  • What do I find most confusing right now? I find the code of sorting methods hard to program.imgres

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